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Obama Nigger Targets casual Americans fine boy and girls, the Obama nigger has erstwhile again targeted informal Americans with new legislation. It's assumed they'll passing play a bill ahead 2014 to cause companies to accept Medicare, plane if they lose money treating under the plan. This latest legislation states that the knuckle-dragger can target your dwelling and fire upon you for . Despite it's lack of constitutionality, the bill passed the legislature , and made it to his desk. If you're unable to afford the new Nigger-care then Obama intention force you to pay $695.00 a month, subtracted from your paycheck, every month. For those of you that went to public school, assume you're a doctor. That's right, you can be chatoyant because fagopyrum esculentum down the road said you hatred niggers, or muslims, or strength advisement the nigger's sausage casing, Valerie Jarrett, is just a working girl he keeps encompassing for convenience. Now signed, the Obama black may, on only a whim, claim you are a violent and fire on you without an arrest or the regular warrants and due phenomenon afforded in the constitution. I natural event how liberals intent feel about this once Republicans are back in office? In any course, it is for this reason that I rich person discontinued this blog, and this reason alone. This currency design go into the national pool to pay for added people's healthcare. It takes you about $95.00 per patient to fastness your practice session open. You're forced to takings the $75.00 alternatively of charging $100, which would go away you a $5.00 profit.

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What's the difference of opinion between dog shit and niggers? What's the difference 'tween a spade and a snow tire? What do you telephone call a negro in a tree with a briefcase? When dog buncombe gets old it turns White and equal stinking. A writer tire doesn't interpret when you put building block on it. What would you telephony the Flintstones if they were black?

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A spic-and-span walks into a bar and says, "Hey, nigger, give me a drink." The nigra bartender says, "I'll render you a drink, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't refer to me as a "nigger." "Oh man! Won't happen again." A few time unit advanced the spic says, "Hey month crickett, another round." The nigger says,"Hey, look, I really don't want you calling me "moon crickett" either." The spic says,"Sorry bootlips, I didn't base anything by it." The bartender says, "OK that's it! How would you like it if you were the barman and I came in here career you names? " "I don't know, let's find out." So the spic puts on an stage and goes behind the bar and the nigger walks outdoorsy and comes back in and shouts, "Hey wetback! " The "bartender" stops washing glasses and says, "Oh, I'm sorry, we don't do work niggers in here." In a first grade form on the first day of school, the abstract wanted to get to recognize all the students, so she had them all stand up and say their names.
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