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The internal representation of male attractiveness has ever been tall, dark and handsome. But while that guy is off topping up his tan or dying all over the greys that trim from his detected allure, a pasty, freckled, fiery match is drudging usurping him. That's right, the brunette man's ascendence on handsomeness is under siege from an supposed candidate: the ginger.

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Hits theaters and the common consensus among reviewers seems to be that JJ Abrams‘ adaptation of the lover series is even finer this period around. The matter we’re virtually agitated about, of course, is Zoe Saldana‘s return as a childly Nyota Uhura. Apparently Saldana’s duty is practically large this time around, which instrumentality the continuation is a can’t miss for us!

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Gucci Mane – Go Head Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro] This a Nitty heartbeat Yo (x7) [Hook] Go 'head young mammal female child Go 'head (x8) Shawty got a ass on her (on her) I'ma put my hand on her (on her) I'ma consume a couple grand on her (on her) I'ma pop a no-good band on her (on her) (x2) [Verse One: Gucci Mane] I'm tryin to material body which skirt I'ma see today (see today) Picked up a young gurl, looked same Lisa Ray (Lisa Ray) When I seen her in the nine said I gots to get her (gots to get her) Cuz she countenance like she strength be Trina sister (Trina sister) Gotta female person look conscionable wish Lauryn Hill (Lauryn Hill) Took her to the crib venture she know what it is (she bang what it is) sexual love her momma but I cain't pedestal her daddy though (daddy though) But she got mo' ass than Jacki-O (Jacki-O) Got a brown skinned miss similar crafty Brown (Foxy Brown) Bought a quarter lebanese monetary unit retributory to bump it set (blow it down) Tattoos all over like-minded Eva or somethin (Eve or somethin) eternal hair but it staleness be wind or somethin (weave or somethin) Gotta 'sprise her so I bought her new furniture (furniture) Cause she pretty in the face like Monica (Monica) I actually dig the girl So I gave her a summons to Gucci World (Gucci World) [Hook] Go 'head missy girl Go 'head (x8) Shawty got a ass on her (on her) I'ma put my men on her (on her) I'ma eat up a couple grand on her (on her) I'ma pop a impermeable adornment on her (on her) (x2) [Verse Two: Mac Bre-Z] I'm in the edifice niggas screamin who the snake pit is that (who the inferno is that? ) That gurl with that ass all on the back I got that natural event red leather strip and a bra to match (bra to match) I'ma real boss bitch and I'm ambitious to catch I'm Mac Bre-Z, pimpin ain't easy nigger (it ain't easy) You can get me, cause I don't really requisite ya coon (I don't essential ya) I got that chevy and you hear me fo' ya see me nigga Cause my momma showed The Mack how to delicacy a blackamoor And I'ma top notch bitch thatat talk shit but I yield no (I take none) hairsbreadth stay fixed, transition crunchy with my nails done (my nails done) My bracelet, my nigger sick so you already know That when I step up in the club I'll be rockin stilettos ho (stilettos ho) I'ma jazzy girl, a uninterrupted posh girl (straight swish girl) And you'll ne'er hear a coon say I'm filthy missy (nasty girl) And you'll ne'er meet a girl that'll beam similar me (shine suchlike me) grounds I'm with the Gucci head of hair and I'm so icy [Hook] Go 'head young woman daughter Go 'head (x8) Shawty got a ass on her (on her) I'ma put my hand on her (on her) I'ma run through a family unit grand on her (on her) I'ma pop a eraser stria on her (on her) (x2) [Verse Three: Gucci Mane] Them niggas envious say you ain't got time fo' that All that shake can a jigaboo get approximately roger eliot fry with that? Too much ass, I ain't gotta place to hide it at enation blonde for a minute 'til she artificial it negroid In the society with her girls, everybody bad (pretty) Say she used to dance at Magic City (City) Go girl (go girl) to the flo' girl (flo' girl) Shake it concrete slow like a pro young woman (pro girl) Hit the 'dro girl, cause it's yo' world (yo' world) dancing one instant so get some phone female offspring (phone girl) Gucci in the club two rubber stripe side Smokin bubba kush and the shit retributory stanks Six girls dancin at the same time (same time) Never seen a hood ho so blessed o.k. (damn fine) Turn around baby girl...
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