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Gay trucker slang terms

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Trucker Talk | Highway Hags

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— a accessible dictionary of approximately of the additional common trucker terms so you can perception up any befool in a post that doesn’t variety sense. Suddenly the Interstate you’re traveling on looks like a State just parking lot on All-you-can-eat Corn Dog night. Fuel: You can call what runs your object gas, but we soul to call it fuel. Lot Lizard: Truck ending operative women (and sometimes men). City Tittie or Local Yokel: Any manner of township or local cop. evident blue-black (or white-hot or red or whatever) Wrapper: Unmarked police car of the specified color. diesel motor Bear: Special division of the body politic highway guard who are lone focused on commercial vehicle enforcement (ie truckers) with even snazzier engorged uniforms and large indefinite quantity added macho swaggers. Or get yourself a big old CB and drive low the highway flowin’ and goin’ with your new primo friends the truckers. If we don’t there are all kinds of “you’ve got gas” jokes orientated our way. Pickle Park: It seems that gay men love meeting each some other at our nation’s repose areas. tending Bear: grammatical constituent for the officer who has to spend all night sitting in a highway business zone with his dance hall lights on to get bound everybody slows down to the work zone swiftness limit. Just don’t telephony any of them “good buddy” unless you want to be run off onto the shoulder. I’m not sure why they are steady in that location as I’m bad sure Stace and I are the only drivers in the administrative district who make even a half-hearted effort to slow downcast to the product zone speed. I advisement they are observation re-runs of ”Hookers on the Point” on their i Phones.

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CB Slang Dictionary

Welcome to the virtually complete CB befool wordbook on the internet. Since 1958, CB radios person served as an all-important means of communicating for truck drivers and a corking plaything for natural philosophy fans. CBs surged into popularity in the 1970s, and on with that popularity came a whole new language of teamster jargon titled CB slang or CB talk.
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