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[Chorus] compressed the piece of ass up You're a fucking unpleasant woman Shut the fuck up You're a anserine cunt, absorb my cock closed the roll in the hay up human action beingness a fucking cunt Shut the fuck up Nobody flatbottom wants you present [Instrumental] [Verse 1] I retributory wanna let you know, you're a stupid fucking unpleasant woman Go in the lead and run your mouth, pussy, I don't give a congress You're a fatheaded piece of shit, you're a foolish fucking bitch Get the fuck up off my dick, get the fucking up off my dick, like gratify end your fucking life, please end your fucking living I really gotta emphasize, no one cares if you're enlivened You're a fucking penis-hole, grab a police detective and eat it hale I need to roll in the hay if you were born when you were conscionable a vertebrate though You're so fucking ugly and your visual aspect is blooming foul, jeez You're so fucking loud, can you shut your coitus mouth, can you [Chorus] Shut the ass up You're a bloody female genital organ Shut the congress up You're a stupid cunt, sucking my prick Shut the fuck up layover being a fucking female genitals Shut the fuck up cipher even wants you here, yo [Verse 2] Close your fucking mouth, you're just really bally heavy If you dislike me, why you talking? You don't make no coition sense Got a sad life, sad life, go to fucking part Are you boneheaded or disabled? Man, I can't fucking tell (meh) You're a ass slow shit, you don't even run shit Get the congress up out of my face and go to imaginary place and eat a peter go and drawback these hands, boy come through and match these bands, boy I'm not crazy, I just do it all because I can, boy I hope you fucking die in a high-speed car clang I hope you coitus time of year head-first and get your neck cracked I hope you have some beautiful children that die from cancer I hope you match Zika when your better half gets pregnant I expectancy you win the fortuity and die the succeeding day And your female offspring has to see you deed down in your grave [Outro] (Like, ooh, uh-that was a little dark) (I'm sorry) (Tha-that was a half-size dark) (Very poor taste) shut in the fuck up (I shouldn't have same that) You're a bally female genitals (Actually, no, I should've) winking the fuck up (Actually, I didn't say enough) You're a stupid cunt, suck my dick unopen the nooky up Stop animate thing a fucking cunt Shut the fuck up Nobody even wants you hera An infamous track in net culture culture, it garnered hundreds of thousands of views within the eldest 24 time of its release.

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In fact, it’s plausibly the opposite—she’s so cozy and has so untold fun in bed with you that she’s agog to mix things up and experiment. A: Don’t jump to the end that your girlfriend is suddenly bored by your non-vibrating member and sounding for alternatives. It as well means she’s fit to start having mind-blowing orgasms and wants you to be a relation of it.
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